CAR TIRE MICKEY THOMPSON BAJA MTZ P3 265/70 R17 (32X10.50R17) 121/118Q

BAJA MTZP3 RADIAL - Will go where no human foot has ever set foot.
BAJA MTZP3 RADIAL is an updated all-season tire, which is one of the most evil and successful off-road tires in its characteristics. It has a unique tread pattern, which is suitable for lovers of country holidays who want to get high comfort from driving in the city and the opportunity to get away from everyone in nature. The technology of deepening on the front side of the checkers has been introduced for confident movement in loose soils and overcoming the track. Higher tire strength and ease of driving are provided by POWER PLY technology (three-layer sidewall structure and six-layer tread). Rolling and sidewall buckling at high speeds are minimized.

Asphalt - 40%, off-road - 60%.
Wear resistance and high level of comfort.
High load and speed indices (up to 160 km/h).
Self-cleaning protector.
The developed lamella system allows the tire to be used all year round in all weather conditions.
Reinforced sidewall protection for confident movement on stones.
Modified compound (rubber composition) for better braking on wet surfaces.