This winch will allow you to beat the competition in off-road competitions of the highest level! The winding speed of the synthetic cable reaches 20 m/s. The IP67 dust and moisture protection class implies complete dust protection of the winch and guarantees operability after a short-term immersion in water to a depth of 1 meter.

The winch is equipped with two motors of 7.2 hp (a total of 14.4 hp). The gear ratio is 108:1. The winch is designed to wind a rope with a thrust of up to 10,000 lbs at the highest possible speed. Rotation from the motor is transmitted to the gearbox using 2 belts.

Advantages of the Runva EWS 10000 SR winch

two powerful motors + 108:1 gearbox = high speed operation

synthetic rope 26 m, diameter 9.2 mm

the brake is placed in the gearbox, so the drum is not heated and the cable is not damaged

the cheeks of the drum are enlarged compared to the winches of the classical design, you can wind a longer cable

an additional coupling tube in the lower part of the winch provides greater reliability of the structure

most of the spare parts are suitable from classic Runva winches, they are not difficult to buy at affordable prices

standard mounting template 254 x 114 mm

Installation of a twin-engine winch Runva

The mounting template is classic – 254 x 116 mm, the overall dimensions of the winch are shown in the drawing below. The winch can be mounted on any suitable mounting bracket, additional reinforcement is not required, because the winch has a standard pulling force of 10000 lbs. However, the overall dimensions of the winch make its installation more difficult and time-consuming.

Be sure to provide 2 batteries and a powerful generator, because 2 electric motors like to eat electricity.